29th September 2011


Why Go Organic? (on a lighter note)


So much of “Go Green” talks. Serious studies. Awesome compelling presentations. Green warriors are working day and night to make the world a better place. Here, I am not going to give you gyaan but crack some funny bones on why we should go green.

  • For most reason, I don’t want my future sons and daughters of mankind travell across the world with a Hitchhiker’s guide to Galaxy, only because we mindlessly thrashed and wasted our green planet to the extend, we are forced to vacate and hitchhike across the galaxy.
  • I read in Ek Titli site the following that alarmed me and set me thinking:

World pesticide use exceeds 5.0 billion lbs at a total cost of approximately $ 64.5 billion but less than 0.1% actually makes it to the target pest, the remaining either enters the food chain, seeps into the ground or reaches the sea due to soil erosion.

Imagine so much of chemicals slowly entering our X, Y chromosomes and who knows our future mankind may not be how we see now. Could be a mutant with all the chemicals slowly playing havoc on the gene composition. Holy Cow! If you travel into future on a time machine, you might come across some mutants and they might be our own human race deformed due to the excessive pesticide intake.

  • If you thought you parents and grand parents are a cribbing lot when they say “Oh that banana tasted good those good old days”, no they are not. I believe strongly,  the increase in pesticide and chemicals in our soil has detoriated the taste of the fruits and veggies. If you come across Adam any time, ask him to taste our apples and he would agree with me.
  • Do you feel Itchy itchy? May be you can blame it on the pesticides sprayed and absorbed into soil and air. Go Organic and say bye to itch itch.

So isn’t this enough reason why we should go green? So all those who reading this, make a point to wear green undies, green lungis, eat green, drink green, talk green, watch blue green movies, spread green vibes!

(and also pray I get some green goodies!)

Pic courtesy: Cafepress.com

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14th September 2011


God Tussi Great Ho!

God Tussi Great Ho!